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The Fuel Cap Lock

The Fuel Cap Lock is protection and security so you do not need to worry that your fuel might be stolen when leaving your truck unguarded.

The Fuel Cap Lock is a heavy-duty locking system designed for the diesel tank caps of semi tractors. This new concept is designed to secure a trucker's fuel supply against theft, through the use of a highly visible heavy-duty lock. The lock consists of a rectangular steel plate screwed down over the diesel tank's fill pipe to form a flat, form fitting collar at it's base. The fuel cap is then screwed onto the fill pipe.

With The Fuel Cap Lock in place, the fuel cap can only be accessed when the lock if opened with a key. The Fuel Cap Lock would provide secure, dependable, heavy-duty protection for the fuel caps of a semi tractor's diesel tanks. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fuel Cap Lock.

The Patent Pending Fuel Cap Lock was invented by Armando Torres, of Fontana, CA, who said, "As a truck driver, it would be a relief having this lock visible at a distance to help discourage would-be thieves from approaching a truck equipped with The Fuel Cap Lock. I know it will work and it will be a hinderance to the potential thief and a protection for the truck driver, whether an owner or operator."

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