New Minneapolis, MN based staffing agency, Hire Retirees with 56 years of experience, is helping employers to bridge the "skills gap" with experienced "ready to work" employees like former TV weatherman Barry ZeVan.

Barry ZeVan was once one of the Twin Cities most recognizable TV personalities. Now he is looking for work and is just one of many retired Minnesota professionals that are seeking for a place to use their life skills, experience and talent. Over 7,000 Minnesota baby boomers are retiring every year and many of them would like to contribute in the work force or may need to work due to shrinking pensions and the troubled economy. grew out of an established Minnesota staffing agency to specialize in helping employers gain access to this ever growing demographic of experienced skilled individuals. Since being established in August, 2012, has accumulated a massive pool of quality employees that are reliable, experienced, skilled and ready to work right now.

Among the many talented applicants that are available at is Barry ZeVan. ZeVan's career has included and spanned, for over 50 years, every conceivable professional participation and success in award-winning broadcasting endeavors, ZeVan, who is now in his early 70's, emerged in the 1970's as a Minnesota celebrity. ZeVan, tabbed as the "Peekaboo Weatherman" blended personality and entertainment with his nightly weather reports on KSTP-TV's 6 and 10pm newscasts.

Today ZeVan is among the many Minnesotans who are retired but still want or need to contribute in the workplace and are motivated to assist businesses while also financially supporting themselves and their families.

"I have a lot to offer and would like the chance to use my experience to help businesses grow" said ZeVan. "I found Hire Retirees and knew right away that they provided a great service for companies that could benefit from experienced retired folks like me. Heck, I still want to work! I met the staff of Hire Retirees and was impressed with their mission and how they are giving experienced people like me another opportunity."

Barry ZeVan is just one of many Minnesota retirees that have joined the talent pool of Minnesota-based Hire Retirees applicants. Hire Retirees' talented contract, contract to hire and direct hire candidates have completed an in-depth interview and skills assessment and they are ready to work right now. is working with employers throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and has plans to expand into other United States markets in 2013.

"We offer a wide variety of experienced workers to fit the needs of a vast array of employers'" said Kent Zimmer, Vice President of Operations at Hire Retirees. "The reaction in the workplace has been very positive as employers are finding workers that are highly skilled, motivated, and responsible and can add valuable experience".

If you would like more information on Hire Retirees or to schedule an interview opportunities with Barry ZeVan or Kent Zimmer, Vice President of Operations of Hire Retirees, please call Kent Zimmer at 952-955-6835 or email Please consider visiting the web site