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The Folding Car Wash

The Folding Car Wash .is alll you need to wash your car in one spot.

The Folding Car Wash is a self-contained, comprehensive system specially designed to provide all the needed supplies to manually clean a vehicle, regardless of location. It would be ideal for renters for the simple reason that The Folding Car Wash would offer an instantly accessible means of washing one's car without the expense of using a car wash facility. The Folding Car Wash would include a collapsible bucket/accessories container that is square in shape, and measures approximately 26" in height, and 21" in width and depth. This component would rest on heavy duty cast wheels to facilitate easy transport of The Folding Car Wash system. The system would come with many needed accessories such as a chenille glove, three drying cloths, a car wash solution, and a handled carrying bag.

The Folding Car Wash would also have a very innovative water distribution system, using a telescoping rod, and 2 rubberized bags that will hold 2.5 gallons of water each. The bottom of each bag would contain a threaded egress coupling to accommodate an included 10' rubber hose that culminates in a pressure sprayer at the end. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Folding Car Wash.

The Patent Pending Folding Car Wash was invented by Neida Chandler of Keyport, NJ, who said, "The Folding Car Wash would not be limited to just vehicle cleaning, but would be great for other tasks such as lawn and garden duties, or providing a readily accessible water source for activities such as camping."

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