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The Flash Grip Provides Security

Flash Grip allows secure and reliable storage for flash drives and zip drives keeping vital information safe and easily available to user.

Do you need a secure, reliable and easily accessed storage for your flash drives and zip drives? The Patented Flash Grip, a specially designed storage unit, is configured expressly for securing USB flash drives and external zip drives to a key chain loop and/or carabiner clip. The Flash Grip provides a protective casing for these computer accessories, as well as a simple and reliable way in which to transport, store and keep these devices on hand when not in use.

The importance of keeping electronic data close at hand when needed is far more important than non-electronic users would ever imagine. However, access to stored information in emergencies as well during regular daily use is a vital component of technology. The Flash Grip can be offered in a variety of vibrant colors, clear or neutral hues with various logos and designs. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Flash Grip.

The Patented Flash Grip was invented by Patricia Sedivy of Andover, NJ, who said, "The Flash Grip's sturdy casing is folded over and adhered on both the top and bottom side of the existing flash drive, with one end of the unit open in order to provide easy access to the flash drive's USB connection plug. Two adhesive strips have a protective, peel-away paper backing that is removed prior to use. Located in the center of the Flash Grip is an eyelet holder where an existing key ring is inserted. A spring loaded carabiner hook is included to hook the key ring to a purse strap, belt loop, back pack, brief case, etc." Affordably priced, the Flash Grip provides easily accessed storage that protects the integrity of the flash drive, plus prevents it from becoming lost or misplaced during transport. Ideal for students, businesses, or anyone who uses a computer, the simplicity and low cost of the Flash Grip makes it appealing as an advertising specialty item or fundraiser.

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