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The Fish Tank Sediment Drainage

The Fish Tank Sediment Drainage reduces injury to fish when cleaning a fish tank and it eliminates problems and risks common to this duty.

Aquarium owners know that cleaning the fish tank can be a very messy, time-consuming chore. Removing and cleaning the water, sticking one's whole arm into the tank in order to activate the tank vacuum can be very unpleasant. Also, there is the risk that the fish and other aquatic life may be harmed in the process. A fish tank maintenance system, the Fish Tank Sediment Drainage can eliminate these problems and risks.

The Fish Tank Sediment Drainage has a perforated, elevated mat that is placed on the bottom of a fish tank, resting beneath the gravel and other decorative embellishments. A short cylindrical pipe and flange accommodate a vacuum hose system is included for use with the unit, or the user can use the existing tank vacuum. An improved and simple, yet effective way to clean a fish tank, the Fish Tank Sediment Drainage reduces the risk of injury to the fish during the cleaning process. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fish Tank Sediment Drainage.

The Patent Pending Fish Tank Sediment Drainage was invented by Catalin Cimporescu of Glendale, NY, who said, "The Fish Tank Sediment Drainage has an elevated drainage mat which allows debris to flow through the mat and settle on the very bottom of the tank where it can be easily siphoned away with an included vacuum system or by the existing tank vacuum. A cylindrical pipe accommodates the actual vacuum hose, so that one can vacuum the tank and drain water from beneath this elevated platform, as opposed to placing the vacuum directly in the open tank. The Fish Tank Sediment Drainage effectively protects fish and other aquatic wildlife from being injured or suctioned into the vacuum. The Fish Tank Sediment Drainage also eliminates the need to scoop the gravel out of the tank and clean the gravel manually."

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