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The Exterior Truck Bed & Tailgate Armor

Allows truck owner to haul anything in his or her truck bed and not worry about it getting damaged.

The Exterior Truck Bed & Tailgate Armor is a product line of innovative bed liners for pickup trucks. They would be rigid, tough liners able to fit and conform to the exterior of truck beds, sides and tailgates on most makes and models of popular pickup trucks. It is designed to protect and cover the sides and tailgate of the truck from being dented, dinged, or scratched. It would be easy to install and remove, and would provide superior protection at an exceptionally affordable price.

The Exterior Truck Bed & Tailgate Armor would be configured in three separate pieces: one for the tailgate, and two for the sides. The interior surface of the region covering the sides would be lined with a soft gripping and cushioning neoprene material to protect the truck's finish. There would also be drain holes at the bottom of each unit, allowing water to drain. Also included would be a four piece set of zipper sealed protective sacks, one small, two medium, and on large. They would be used to store all the parts of the unit. The Tailgate Armor itself could be sold separately as it's own product, or sold as a package in the Exterior Truck Bed & Tailgate Armor line.

Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Exterior Truck Bed & Tailgate Armor.

The Patent Pending Exterior Truck Bed & Tailgate Armor was invented by Lorenzo Ferlinghetti, of Bolinas, CA, who said, "My product would provide the owners of pickup trucks, both full sized and short bed, with an effective, form fitting, easily installed, easily removed means of protecting the sides and tailgate of their truck from dings, dents, and scratches."

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