The Evolution Of Online Dating

As technology progresses, online dating has become more common amongst people trying to find love.

In the age of online communication, it's no surprise that technology isn't just used for business, education, and entertainment but is now often used for romantic purposes. Computers have been the virtual matchmakers for many singles over the years. As of 2007, over $500 million was spent by Americans on dating websites.

In the 1990s, the launch of internet service providers, like America Online, provided chatrooms and forums for people with similar interests to meet. Online dating services, such as and, were then generated to match people by location, compatibility, similar interests, religion, and race. Internet dating was encouraged with the release of "You've Got Mail" which featured two business adversaries who despised one another prior to falling in love after chatting on the web. Though the movie did not directly focus on internet dating services, it illustrated the use of the internet as a means to unite people, even if those people aren't (yet) attracted to each other in a physical sense.

Online dating became the byproduct of online social networking after sites like Friendster and Myspace become popular. These sites made it easier for people to meet potential prospects without registering and ï¬lling out surveys on internet dating sites. Now these sites have combined the concepts of networking and dating services. In today's socially driven online world, Facebook now offers an internet dating service called "Coffee Meets Bagel" where singles are matched with someone who has a mutual friend on their friends list.

Today, 37% of single internet users in America rely on dating sites to meet their future love! For adults with little time to socialize or who have little interest in the "bar scene," the internet offers a perfect alternative to traditional methods of meeting your next date. The cons? Internet dating requires a significant time investment spent cyphering through proï¬les and photos that are often falsiï¬ed. Seekers tend to lean more towards popularity than flirting trails.

To some singles, online dating is not ideal. Indecision and extreme standards can be just as limiting as social anxiety in real life. Current research indicate there is no indication that online dating is better than conventional means. So what to do now? Las Vegas matchmaker, Elaine Casale uses a simple questionnaire and her expertise in romance to pair couples resulting in an 88 percent success rate. Elaine's matchmaking service, InterActions, provides thorough background checks and offers personal compatibility; something online dating sites do not offer. To learn more about InterActions call (702)262-9600 or visit to take an online survey.

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