"The End Of Humanity" Reaches The Finals In The MARSocial's Author Of The Year Contest

Southwest Florida author competes Internationally for an opportunity to help create a feature film based on "The End of Humanity".

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"The End of Humanity" reaches the finals in the "MARSocial's Author of the Year Contest.

"The End of Humanity" is Coleman Weeks's entry in this International competition that has been staged over the past three months. Up to this point this competition has generated well over 100,000 individual promotional tweets, with one single tweet being re-tweeted over 11,000+ times proving that the competition is going out to billions. From out of 160 entries from around the world, Coleman is now in the Top 40 Finals and vying for the 20 member "Winner's Circle".

The fictional story's setting is in the Universe during the beginning of time for Earth and traveling well into the fictional future. Starting at the literal beginning, this tale takes the reader to far off planets and back in time providing a fictional glimpse unique to the story we are all familiar with. The writer broaches well-known stories from fresh perspective bringing them to the reader in a relaxed, summarized form.

The message is clear, and it's question plain and simple. "Is the end of Humanity it's beginning?" The book is not the Bible, nor is it intended to be, but rather a frank discussion of what could be when the reader surmises their perspective from the tale.

The "MARSocial Author of the year competition" is the greatest and first of its kind, social media event ever. From amongst the millions of authors on twitter, Coleman's book excerpt from "The End of Humanity" his debut novel has made it through to the final stages of what has now become known as the X-Factor of the writing competition world.

This particular competition also happens to be the biggest author/book/film competition every launched on the world-wide-web. It has been running for the past two months and during this time has already had over 250,000 different author's book excerpt tweets shared with the twitter audience as well as other social media sites. One single book excerpt has been shared over the internet via, twitter and other social media sites over 11,000 times, substantiating the fact that news of this amazing competition has literally gone out to billions of people.

Authors representing countries as far flung as the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, France China, Russia as well as numerous others have made this a truly international event where age just isn't a factor, for example the representative finalist from Wales is a seventy eight year old female. She has so far accumulated over three and a half thousand book excerpt tweets.

MARSocial in conjunction with Keeran Vaanie Creations International Film Producers have developed an Author of the Year competition that is run by authors for the benefit of all the authors who enter. Excerpts of the participants' books are tweeted and re-tweeted throughout the competition.

On February 1st the winner of the Ephraim Prize will be announced and the world of social media will once again return to normal. The final stages of the competition are coming together as the finalists altruistically share their competitors' excerpts to millions of social media followers around the world in their hope of claiming the prize. Along with being announced Author of the Year, the winner also stands the chance of having his or her book adapted into a film by Keeran Vaani Creations. Joseph Ephraim or "Cap'n Joe" as he is known is the founder of the competition and is quoted as saying, "Our aim is to give all our Marzian authors who enter this competition as much maximum exposure via the large social media networking sites as we possibly can."

The contest, "MARSocial"s Author of the Year Contest", didn't start out to be the altruistic International event it's sponsors intended it to be, but soon the authors got together and decided not to go it alone.

They started tweeting and sharing others excerpts out to social media in hopes that at least one of them would be seen, read and then all of the excerpts would get out there. There are so many genre's and attached to each book is an author with a story of their own.

You will find all 160 excerpts at this link. Click on the Docs just under the rules and you will be able to read all of the excerpts. I hope you take a look and I hear from you soon. thank you, Coleman

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