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The Electric Baby Stroller

The Electric Baby Stroller is easier to maneuver than other strollers in the marketplace today.

When strolling your child on a walk is it more of a hassle than an enjoyment? Do you tire yourself out trying to push the stroller up hills? If your answer is yes, then this new stroller may be just the thing for you and your baby.

The Electric Baby Stroller is a specially designed infant stroller with an integrated, rechargeable battery powered motor. It is similar in design, appearance and function to most standard upright strollers and operates in a similar manner to an electric wheelchair. It has integrated safety headlights and brakes; the Electric Baby Stroller also has optional features, such as a retractable canopy and a removable snack tray. Also, the height of the handle can be adjusted and locked into place. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Electric Baby Stroller.

The Patent Pending Electric Baby Stroller was invented by Robert Bruce and Eula Scott of Oakland, CA, who said, "The Electric Baby Stroller is a simple way to comfortably and safely stroll infants and small children across rough terrain or on smooth surfaces. It can effortlessly be maneuvered whether loaded down with two toddlers, or a toddler and groceries. Once used a parent or caregiver will never want to be without it again. It works perfectly."

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