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The Easy Bra Strap Adjuster Buckle

Don't throw away your broken bras, repair them with the Easy Bra Strap Adjuster Buckle and save time and money.

The Easy Bra Strap Adjuster Buckle is a specially designed buckle adjustment fastener designed specifically for use with bras. It is intended to provide females a handy tool with which to repair and/or replace a bra adjustment buckle in the event the existing buckle breaks, without requiring them to cut the seam of the strap or otherwise damage the bra strap. It will be offered in two versions, a two piece unit, and a one piece unit. Both versions will be rectangular in shape with rounded edges. Manufactured of a sturdy, yet lightweight and flexible silicone rubber material, The Easy Bra Strap Adjuster Buckle would be approximately 1.57" long, and 1.02" wide. Also included for sale with the buckle would be an O-ring clip attachment to be secured to the back of the bra strap.

The buckle could be made available in a wide variety of colors to compliment any bra, and could be sold in sets of two or offered in multi-count packages. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Easy Bra Strap Adjuster Buckle.

The Patent Pending Easy Bra Strap Adjuster Buckle was invented by Exzuannette Alicea, of Darby, PA, who said, "My Easy Bra Strap Adjuster Buckle would enable consumers to repair the damage to bras caused by broken adjustment buckles in a simple and efficient manner, without having to throw out a perfectly good bra simply because of the damage to the garment's hardware. It will extend the life of a bra, and save on the cost of replacing these undergarments."

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