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The Earth Moving Industry Expected To Scoop Up Jobs Into 2017

Australian Government research anticipates continued earth moving and mining jobs for the coming five years,so what does the future hold for employees and the industry?

According to the government DEEWR Industry Employment Projections 2012 report, and despite a global slowdown, Australia remains one of the world's most buoyant economies in the world, with predictions of five years of continued job growth.

Sectors including construction, transportation and mining will require thousands of new employees across Australia in the coming 5 year period. DEEWR projects that the mining and construction industries alone will create more than 234,900 of the 830,000 new jobs between2012 and 2017.

As these areas of commerce experience continued growth, it is anticipated there will be increased demand from consumers and advertisers for an easy and affordable approach to the buying and selling of industry sector machinery, equipment and tools.

Recognising the current needs and likely future demands for more effective, affordable and integrated sales channels, Australia's Bauer Trader Media, of Bauer Media Group (the world's largest magazine publisher), has expanded into online classified advertising.

Earth Movers and Excavators is Trader's specialist print title for the earth moving industry, and is now being paired with and a supporting iPad app.

According to Bauer Trader Media CEO Keith Falconer, combining with the market leading print title and app offers an unprecedented integration for Australia's earthmoving industry.

"Through our unique editorial, technological and advertising capabilities... we publish on any platform our customers require, and the introduction of classified online advertising ensures our advertisers and consumers have every option they need."

Keith says the highly relevant content can be easily personalized with news and reviews to keep buyers interested and creates integrated tool with increased reach for sellers of tractors, trucks, excavators and other earthmoving equipment.

"Most of our readers have a rusted-on preference for print, but many also value the search-ability of a website and the digital portability of the iPad...Even if they are on the road or the tractor"

Although much of the earth moving related industry sectors are scattered throughout more isolated areas of Australia, Keith concludes that the newly introduced paired on and offline advertising opportunities will be a "perfect combination for readers and advertisers alike".

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