The Development Of Muslim Dating On Internet

We've seen the last few years a new kind of dating websites called community dating. We'll talk in this article about the development of muslim dating.

Trough the world, for example in North America or Europe, dating sites are very popular, this is partly due to the overwhelming weight of Match, Meetic or eHarmony. Indeed, who does not quote these famous websites when it comes to dating sites? Other sites are present of course!

Furthermore, for this type of dating there are more and more specialized sites known as community dating, I mean, something that bring people together with a common point, a common identity. And I would focus more on dating sites devoted to Muslim community, in French it is called "rencontre musulmane". Indeed, religion is something that unites people together and this is especially true with the Muslim religion, where the concept of marriage with someone of the same religion and beliefs is important.

The rise of dating between Muslim

Figures show that in recent years more and more dating sites targeting the community of Muslim in USA or in France and because the demand is there. These sites are responding to a request that may not necessarily satisfy the most general dating websites.

Some sites have therefore concentrated on this target of the muslim population that are coming from north Africa, as Algeria or Tunisia or from Middle East. Let's start with the leader in Muslim dating in France,, this site has over 400,000 members and has been confirmed as number one last May by ComScore, an independent institute of webanalytics. This site is one of the most serious to accomplish a real date and finding love. There are other websites, known world widely like Muslima or Arablounge...

So, we see that this niche dating is increasing in the develop countries and this is surely not a short term trend, people want to be together, with their pair.


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