The Dental Implant Team at PermaDontics Welcomes Prosthodontist Dr. Ben Javid

Prosthodontist, Dr. Ben Javid has joined the dental implant team at PermaDontics. Dr. Javid brings over 12 years of experience with him.

The dental implant team at PermaDontics welcomes Dr. Ben Javid, Prosthodontist. Dr. Javid has over 12 years of experience. He received his Doctorate of Dental Science from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry. Dr Javid also received his advanced training as a Prosthodontist from the University of Florida School of Dentistry.

The son of a prosthodontist , Dr. Javid has run one of the premiere dental practices in Florida. "You could say I was born into the profession," laughs Dr. Javid. "I've learned quite a few valuable techniques from my Dad."

In addition to his work in private practice, Dr. Javid has served as Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics for the College of Dentistry in Gainesville, Florida. He was recently co-published in a professional journal where he and his peers reported their successful results from a dental implant study.

"We are very excited to have Dr. Javid at our Dental Implant Center ," said Dr. Ian Aires, Prosthodontist and co-founder of PermaDontics. "To have a Prosthodontist of his caliber will allow us to offer additional services to our patients."

Dr. Javid brings to PermaDontics his valuable experience in the reconstruction of patients who have misaligned occlusion (bites), which research shows may be the cause of TMJ (Temporo-mandibular-joint-dysfunction). At PermaDontics, Dr. Javid will also be treating patients who need implant crowns in the aesthetic zone of the mouth. His talent for cosmetic dentistry shows through in his work with the newer porcelain materials typically used to restore missing teeth. These porcelain materials look exactly like natural teeth.

"As we get busier and busier PermaDontics," said Dr. Joel Berger, Oral Surgeon and co-founder of PermaDontics, "we will be relying more and more upon Dr. Javid's expertise. It's great to have him onboard!"

Dr. Javid's Affiliations
American College of Prosthodontics
American Dental Association
Academy of Osseointegration

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