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The Delicious Choco Classics

The Delicious Choco Classics are chocolate cigarettes and cigars that help one kick the smoking habit!

Most people who smoke, 70%, say that they want to quit the habit and 40% will try to quit. Anyone who has ever quit or tried to, can attest to how difficult it is to do so, mainly because smoking tobacco is both a physical and mental addiction. To help with the mental addiction, some suggest finding an oral substitute for that cigarette or cigar. A new product, Choco Classics, may be that oral substitute that can aid in breaking the habit. Choco Classics, a line of faux "cigarettes" and "cigars", are molded from a variety of delicious chocolates. The line provides those who are trying to quit smoking with a unique, helpful, and palatable aid in breaking the smoking habit, and eventually the addiction. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Choco Classics.

The Patent Pending Choco Classics was invented by Gaston Voltaire of New York, NY, who said, "The Choco Classics line has specially designed molds for creating the forms for the cigarettes and cigars, method of preparation, ingredients involved in the chocolates, and the packaging of the finished product. A handy syringe is included for neatly filling each tube with chocolate. The cigarettes can be adorned with edible, decorative paper wrapping, along with a munchable filter. They are packaged in an attractive box containing between 15 and 20 pieces. The cigars have a specially designed wrapper label and are packaged in an ornamental box with 5 units."

The inventor added, "The Choco Classics have the look and feel of an actual cigarette or cigar, but are entirely smoke-free. They replace the taste of nicotine with creamy milk chocolate, offered in rich full form or in low-fat form."

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