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The Death Of The Phone Book As Companies Move Into Modern Times

As a kid did you ever wonder "Wow look at how they're printed that big book with thousands of numbers in it and then had it delivered to everyone's house and office.

The "phone book" has become the "internet book"

Now when people look for information about company they automatically go to the internet and type into Google "auto repair shops nyc".

But now they are no longer restricted to do that at home on a laptop or desktop computer, they can do it whilst out shopping, on their cool new smart phone. Searching for a local restaurant or auto mechanic they can find one which is open and near to them on a map right now. The number of people searching the internet using a mobile device has seen a huge increase recently and can really get that phone ringing.

To be loud and stand out in the "internet book" realize that you are competing in a new world, against new competition

Many companies fail to maintain an effective online presence because they fail to keep up with the times. Become stuck in their ways by doing the same thing in day in and day out, and never evolving. The online market place can change fast and you'll have to adapt. Promote your company using the most modern, effective and up-to-date ways.

Be the first to find those brand new customers who are out there searching the internet right now!

Do you know how promote your company on the web, or should you get some help?

Many take the advice of a professional web design and search engine optimization expert to find out the best ways of increasing the number of people finding you. The search engines are often altering how they work.

Google has rolled out three big updates to the way it calculates which websites it will list in the search engine's result pages. Each looked for different things, the first wanted unique content and so didn't like duplicate content. Many e-commerce stores which used all the same texts for their product descriptions etc had a problem.

Another tried to stop those who tried to manipulate the way the system worked by inserting high numbers of their keywords.

The latest Google update, code named Hummingbird has changed the results it gives when people looking for something local to them geographically. A taxi firm, train station, restaurant etc. The high percentage of nationwide business directories which are filling the front page is at an all time high.

By teaching yourself the basics it's you who's in control

Whilst there are a lot of factors to consider if you want to your company promoted to its absolute best, by learning how the fundamental ways the online world works you'll be able to represent your company in the way you want it to be, because your online reputation is an increasingly more important one.

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