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The Dawning Nutritional Renaissance

Christopher James Clark's new book is temporarily available for FREE download. Nutritional Grail demonstrates how ancestral wisdom and breakthrough science are combining to usher in a nutritional renaissance.

How did 2.3 billion people become overweight? How did degenerative diseases, especially heart disease and cancer, become the leading causes of death worldwide? Our ancestors, especially our distant, Paleolithic ancestors, enjoyed remarkably robust health. What went wrong? Christopher Clark addresses these questions in Nutritional Grail while offering practical, scientifically supported advice.

Jean-Luc Morel, MD, a leading French anti-aging specialist, writes in the foreword, "[Clark] takes a scientific approach, explaining in great detail, according the latest nutritional research, which foods are most healthy and which are most problematic."

Eric Garza, a PhD scientist and co-leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation's Burlington, Vermont chapter, adds, "Nutritional Grail is among the best ancestral health books to hit shelves in years, and in my mind it's set a new standard that future authors will have to work to meet."

Throughout the book, Clark refers to the 20th century as the Dark Ages of nutrition, a time when flawed nutritional theories gained widespread acceptance, prompting radical departures from traditional foods. Sugar consumption skyrocketed; proinflammatory vegetable oils replaced nourishing animal fats; processed foods became commonplace.

Nutritional Grail explores the social and economic forces enabling these changes while lucidly explaining modern scientific perspectives on fat metabolism, cholesterol, fructose metabolism, gluten, detoxification, and many other important nutritional subjects.

Discover life-transforming knowledge concerning the what, why, and how of healthy eating, including 100 simple, delicious recipes. As per the original 12th century grail story, this knowledge comes through asking questions, seeking knowledge, helping others, and serving one's higher Self.

Download your FREE eBook today. Additionally, both the eBook and the print version are available for purchase from and other leading retailers.

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