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The Credit Card Armor

The Credit Card Armor is a metallic shield that protects against credit card scanners and provides the needed security of all indivfuals who carry wallets and credit cards.

Identity theft and fraud are now global epidemics. There are risks to credit card and debit card information, even if the cards are inside a wallet and not being unused, because thieves can capture information by simply aiming a scanning device at the cards. This scanner's reach travels through the material of an everyday wallet or purse, collecting all the data. There is now a new product, the Credit Card Armor, that converts a wallet into an effective tool against fraud and theft. It creates a barrier of protection from the credit card scanners that are often used by underhanded scam artists and identity thieves.

Credit Card Armor is a thin sheet of soft metal which lines the inside of one's wallet. This sheet of soft metal is similar to tin foil and is approximately as thin as a dollar bill. The Credit Card Armor is sewn across the inside lining of a wallet. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptionally strong interest in the Credit Card Armor.

The Patented Credit Card Armor was invented by Stephen George of Lynbrook, NY, who said, "The Credit Card Armor is a simple, yet highly effective design. This metallic accessory acts as a shield against credit card scanners, protecting valuable information and saving the consumer the potential headache and hassle of becoming a victim of identity theft."

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