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The Cool N Heater Suit

You will never be hot or cold again when working or playing outside if you are wearing the Cool N Heater Suit .

Many who work or play outdoors in hot regions many run the risk of heat exhaustion or stroke. Those who work or play outdoors in cold regions may run the risk of hypothermia and frostbite. There is a new product that allows these people to go about there summertime or wintertime activity confidently, comfortably, and safely. The Cool N Heater Suit, a line of specially designed garments, has internal cooling and heating sources. The line provides a comfortable, easy way to cool the body on hot days, and warm the body on cold days. With a vast array of styles and sizes, there is sure to be a Cool N Heater Suit to accommodate all ages- men, women, and children.

The Cool N Heater Suit is a full body suit in a lightweight material. A small, lightweight air conditioning and heating unit is integrated into the back of the body suit, flush within the suit. For easy carrying, this heating and A/C unit can be offered with a shoulder strap, or waist strap. The HVAC is integrally attached by hoses to the shoulder pads in order to distribute cooling or heated air through the lengths of tubing outfitted in the interior lining of the bodysuit and extending up to the shoulders. The Cool N Heater Suit is battery-operated or solar powered, ensuring constant operation. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Cool N Heater Suit.

The Patent Pending The Cool N Heater Suit was invented by Harry and Denise Joseph of La Porte, TX, who said, "Whether engaging in summertime activities for pleasure or for occupation, The Cool N Heater Suit allows one to be confident and comfortable. Whether engaging in wintertime activities for pleasure or for occupation, The Cool N Heater Suit ensures one remains warm and toasty even on the coldest of winter days and evenings. Noncumbersome and comfortable, The Cool N Heater Suit eliminates the need to add extra layers of bulky clothing just to achieve a little more warmth during the winter. "

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