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The Cool Finger Supplies Comfort and Protection

The Cool Finger will provide cool relief and protection of those vital 'digits'.

Have you ever broken or sprained a finger? Or, perhaps you have burned a finger or one, if not both, of your thumbs. The new Cool Finger may be the answer for comfort and protection. It combines a finger-sprint protective wrap with a gel-type cold-pack for the specific relief and protection of broken, sprained, burned, and otherwise injured fingers and thumbs.

The Cool Finger offers digit-specific relief and is far superior in terms of comfort to the standard, gel-type cold-packs which may relieve the finger or thumb but only at the expense of chilling the entire hand. Cool Finger is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes in multi-unit packages containing five gel packs - one for each finger of the hand. One need only chill the gel-pack in the freezer and then apply the device to the injured finger or thumb, likely limiting the icing down period to 10 to 15 minutes at a time and re-chill as required. It serves as an isolated cold-pack to reduce swelling and pain following an injury and in a limited capacity as a means of splinting or immobilizing a sprained or swollen finger or thumb. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Cool Finger.

The Patent Pending Cool Finger was invented by Marisela Leon of Watsonville, CA, who said, "As a wife, mother and grandmother, I have bandaged and wrapped a whole lot of wounded fingers and toes plus other skin cuts and scrapes. I finally realized the importance of the Cool Finger and I have found by a Mom's and Grammy's experience that it works beautifully. The Cool Finger splints the digit while at the same time cools the swelling that seems to hurt more when the finger or thumb is dancing/pulsating. It is a significant aid every home should have in their medicine chest."

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