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The Convenient Retractable Straw

The new convenient Retractable Straw matches the length of a drinking straw to virtually any drink container.

Isn't it frustrating when the straw doesn't fit the drink container? A too long or too short straw can result in spills or in the straw poking one in the eye. It can even be dangerous if it causes drivers of motor vehicles to take their eyes off the road in order to fumble with a drink container. The Retractable Straw, an adjustable-length drinking straw, is easily tailored to virtually any drink bottle, can, carton, commuter cup, or other container. The Retractable Straw is convenient for just about anyone. Children, the elderly and those who are disabled should appreciate the control and convenience The Retractable Straw gives, helping to prevent spills and mess. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to The Retractable Straw.

Patent Pending, The Retractable Straw was invented by Elnita Edwards of Philadelphia, PA, who said, "Produced in a food-grade, molded polypropylene, The Retractable Straw has a sliding, extendable, tube-within-tube construction. To use, one simply twists The Retractable Straw to extend it and lock it into place. To change the length or retract The Retractable Straw, one then twists it again to unlock it."

The inventor added, "The Retractable Straw can be produced in two versions. One version is a lightweight, disposable straw. The other version is a slightly heavier, re-useable straw which is dishwasher safe."

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