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The Convenient Phone Remote

The Convenient Phone Remote is a celllular phone and remote control-all in one unit

In American homes today, if the remote control is lost or misplaced, chaos may follow! Few things can upset a household more. Now there is a new product that assures that one will always know the location of the remote control-the Phone Remote. The Phone Remote combines a cellular telephone receiver and a remote control unit into one convenient device. Since most people are rarely without their cell phones, with the Phone Remote, they will also never be without the remote. There would be no more frantically searching for a lost remote control. The Phone Remote not only provides a multifunctional product that accomplishes two tasks at once, but it also assures that both are available whenever needed.

As with standard cell phones, the Phone Remote has a numeric keypad, power and menu buttons, and an LCD screen. Smartphone versions have a touch screen control panel. The remote control component has a frequency generator, amplifier, internal antenna, and the required electrical components and circuitry. The upper front panel has features common to both remotes and cell phone receivers. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Phone Remote.

The Patent Pending Phone Remote was invented by Angel Gonzalez of Rockland, MA, who said, "What sets the Phone Remote apart is its combination of a phone and universal remote control unit. It is a phone, but with all the necessary controls for operating a TV, DVD player DVR, and cable or satellite system."

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