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The Cellphone Self Protector

The new Cellphone Self Protector allows access to keyboard or touch screens without removing the case.

Today almost everyone has a cellphone, even young children. While convenient, cellphones can also be very costly to replace if damaged. A new product, the Cellphone Self Protector, can protect one's expensive cellphone from exposure to water and other harmful agents. The Cellphone Self Protector, a two-piece protective covering for cellular telephones, encompasses a phone's alphanumeric keyboard or touch screen display. Easily applied, the Cellphone Self Protector also prevents one from unintentionally activating the phone and inadvertently calling others or compromising data stored on the phone when not in use. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptionally strong consumer interest in the Cellphone Self Protector.

The Patent Pending Cellphone Self Protector was invented by Jessica Flowers of Los Angeles, CA, who said, "What makes the Cellphone Self Protector unique is that the front of the Cellphone Self Protector has a unique, sliding window that allows one to open the front lower portion of the casing in order to access the phone's keyboard or touch screen display, without removing the phone from the case. There is also a small sliding window located at the top of the unit and positioned over the cellphone's existing camera which enables one to easily take photographs or videos with the phone, while keeping the phone safely in the case."

The inventor added, "Manufactured primarily of heavy duty plastic material, the affordably priced Cellphone Self Protector accommodates a wide variety of smart phones and traditional cellular equipment. It offers a sturdy case which protects a cellphone while still allowing easy access."

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