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The Braided Abraham Twist

The Braided Abraham Twist provides pre-tied neckties that add excitement and pizzazz to a wardrobe.

Neckties, in various forms, have been worn for hundreds of years. Today, they are worn by not only men, but also women and children. Neckties may be a part of regular office attire, formal attire, casual attire, or uniforms. For those who want to add excitement and pizzazz to their selection of ties, there is a unique new fashion accessory, the Abraham Twist. The Abraham Twist, a line of pre-tied neckties, features a distinctive braided design. It provides a fashionable new update to the standard necktie look, allowing necktie wearers to present an elegant appearance. A conversational piece, the affordably priced Abraham Twist smartly accentuates dress or casual wear.

The Abraham Twist can be made of materials ranging from woven silk to cotton fabric and can have four or more braids, depending on the material used. The braid can be longer or shorter, slimmer or wider, and is adjustable, making the braid looser or tighter. A variety of colors and styles can be made available, from conservative solids to more flashy designs with dots, stripes, or even cartoon characters. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptionally strong interest in the Abraham Twist.

The Patent Pending Abraham Twist was invented by Sammie Abraham of Houston, TX, who said, "Unlike the standard four-in-hand method and the half-Windsor knot, the Abraham Twist is formed by crisscrossing the tie material into a plait, similar in appearance to braided hair. Men, women, and even children will enjoy wearing this conversation piece which can be applied and removed in a matter of seconds."

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