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The Bracelet Pepper Spray

The Bracelet Pepper Spray can easily stop an attacker with a simple push of a button!

The Bracelet Pepper Spray is a specially designed personal safety device worn around the wrist that, when activated, sprays pepper spray at a would be assailant. The device would feature a fashionable, adjustable wrist band made of a durable material such as plastic. The center of the band would feature the defense spray housing in a circular or square receptacle. A push button activator would distribute specially formulated pepper spray directly from an egress port, located below the button. It would be worn at the top or bottom of the wrist, nearest the palm of the hand, the user would simply point the bracelet towards an assailant, aiming directly for the eyes and face and spray "Spider Man Style".

Cleverly combining ingredients found in a disabling defense spray with a wearable adjustable wrist band, this could effectively immobilize, or temporarily blind and attacker. This would give you time to call for help. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bracelet Pepper Spray.

The Patent Pending Bracelet Pepper Spray was invented by Sandro Jimenez, of Fitchburg, WI, who said, "This will be an effective, non-lethal device that could offer protection to an individual in the event of an attack. It is extremely easy to use, and is released just by pressing a button on the wrist band."

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