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The Bormioli Rocco Glass Bottles Are the Ideal Packaging Solutions for Syrups

When it comes to pharmaceutical products, they requirements are first of all safety. The glass bottles for pharmaceutical products from Bormioli Rocco are known world-ide for being extremely safe but they are also practical and hygienic,

By medical definition, a syrup is nothing but a dense solution made of water, sugar and other substances which includes an active substance (or more than one) that has a therapeutic effect.

Although the definition may be simple, in fact today there is a wide range of pharmaceutical syrups available to consumers - with or without a prescription. The most common example of syrups are cough syrups, which usually contain dextromethorphan, mucolytic agents, expectorants, wetting agents/ hypoviscosity or agents abhesives/ surfactants. Cough syrups can suppress the cough, for example if it prevents you from sleeping. Expectorants instead thin mucus so you can cough it up easier.

But there are also syrups that are used as dietary supplements to add fiber, vitamins and minerals to your diet. They usually are made from plant extracts like for example, the echinacea syrup.
There are many different syrups with different ingredients and purposes on the market but when it comes to the packaging, they are all the same. They need to preserve the syrup perfectly, be practical and especially child proof. The packaging solutions by Bormioli Rocco combine alle these requirements.

The well-known Italian glass company, offers a big selection of professional solutions for pharmaceutical packaging including a range of glass bottles (http://www.bormioliroccopackaging.com/) with capacities from 30 to 1200 ml. In addition Bormioli Rocco has developed patented child proof closures to go with the glass bottles. For further information about the glass bottles for syrups simply visit their website and consult the online catalog with the full product range.

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