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The Big Round Bale-Portable Blind

The Big Round Bale-Portable Blind is prefect for hunters, outdoor naturalists, photographers, field biologists.

Do you need a blind that is easily portable, but also comfortable? The Big Round Bale-Portable Blind is an easily erected, portable hunting blind designed to accommodate two hunters, and camouflaged to simulate a large bale of rolled hay. Lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to move, the Big Round Bale-Portable Blind provides secure, comfortable concealment for sportsmen and outdoor naturalists ranging from waterfowl hunters to wildlife photographers and field biologists.

This product is one that hunters and others have been wanting and needing for a long long time. Not only is the Big Round Bale-Portable Blind waterproof and windproof, it is also tear-resistant, snag-resistant, and UV-resistant. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating a strong consumer interest in the Big Round Bale-Portable Blind.

The Patent Pending Big Round Bale-Portable Blind was invented by Steven Webber of Burlington, KS, who said, "Fabricated in a tough and durable, lightweight synthetic polymer fabric, the Big Round Bale-Portable Blind consists of a lightweight, tubular metal or thermoplastic frame, and a tent-like cover. The overall shape is that of a rolled hay bale - a wide cylinder lying on its side. It is camouflaged with a design pattern closely replicating that of a drying bale of rolled hay. Roomy enough for two hunters and all their gear, the Big Round Bale-Portable Blind has a number of pockets, sleeves, pouches, and loops to accommodate various articles, equipment, and supplies. The Big Round Bale-Portable Blind also features access doors at either end of the "bale," and full-length shooting/observation window panels on either side."

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