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The best nursery which facilitates an enabling environment for children to develop their abilities.

The Little House Nursery in Dubai is a well-known nursery in the neighborhood for its supportive and child friendly environment. The qualified and dedicated team of teachers always takes one step further to achieve the goal of creating an enabling environment where the children can learn and develop safely.

They work with the understanding and belief that every child is unique and constantly learning. They create an encouraging environment to help children develop at their own speeds and be self-assured, capable and confident young people. They never forget to appreciate and support each child's efforts.

Being part of the AMH investment group, they appreciate many different aspects and are attentive to details. As mention above, as they acknowledge the fact that every child is unique in his or her own ways, they greatly emphasize on positive relationships with their peers and teachers through which they believe every child will learn to be independent and strong.

This is one of the nurseries which believe in the concept of an enabling environment. They provide a safe environment for the children so that they can develop and learn. With the experience the children gain, the team at Little House Nursery believe that the children can meet their individual needs and also have a good relationship within the parents and teachers.

As unique as children are, they also learn and develop in their own ways at their own speeds. With clear and consistent boundaries, the staff at little house nursery always encourages positive relationships to help children learn to be strong and independent. This helps build a sense of belonging for the children. The teachers are always careful to be responsive and sensitive according to every little child's needs, interests and feelings.

The curriculum at the little house nursery in Dubai emphasizes greatly on learning through play. They strongly believe that learning for children comes through experimenting and exploring.

The little house nursery covers the seven areas of learning - namely, development socially, emotional and personally. Literacy in reading and writing. Mathematical skills in measuring, space, shape and numbers. Also they focus on a new aspect as understanding the world, under which they talk about communities, technology, people and the wider world. And the seventh area is expressive arts. Art, Dancing and music are some of the additional activities provided by the Montessori besides the normal curriculum.

The little house also conducts a French program, which is set out by the French ministry of education. They carefully guide the children through the tasks of learning, finding information and seeking different perspectives.

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Little House Nursery
Jumeirah 3, Al Wasl Road
Umm Al Sheif, Dubai, U.A.E

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+971 4 338 4243
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