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In recent years anal bleaching has become an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment, thanks in large part to beauty magazine features and celebrity endorsements.

In recent years, anal bleaching has become an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment, thanks in large part to beauty magazine features and celebrity endorsements. Simply put, anal bleaching is the process of lightening the skin that surrounds the anus. Typically, the skin around the anus is darker than an individual's natural skin tone, either because of heredity or anus staining. Brightening this discoloration, then, either with Anal Bleaching Cream or other Anal Bleaching Products is done to present a more uniform visual appearance of the skin tones.

Although anal bleaching was once the exclusive province of strippers and adult film stars, the cosmetic procedure is now popular amongst regular women, too. Generally speaking, anal bleaching is generally quite safe and painless. Unfortunately, though, there are number of fly-by-night companies manufacturing anal bleach creams that are unsafe for consumer use. Bleaching your anus with one of these products can cause burning, discomfort, and, in rare circumstances, even scarring. Fortunately, a number of legitimate cosmetic companies also produce anal bleaching creams. These include: Secret Bright, Dermology, and Revitol.

Secret Bright Bleaching Creams

Secret Bright Bleaching Creams produces some of the most popular, renowned anal bleaching products currently on the market. Each of their cosmetic products is supported by the recommendations of the nation's most recognized dermatologists, physicians, and cosmetic surgeons.

What sets Secret Bright's bleaching creams apart from other products on the market is that the company places the comfort, safety, and effectiveness of their products above all else.

From a visual standpoint, Secret Bright's most popular cosmetic anal cream, its Ultimate Skin Brightener, is a hydroquinone-free bleaching cream that has a clear appearance and is cool to the touch. The product is also unscented, which is a perk for anus-related cosmetic touch-ups.

Most importantly, though, the Secret Bright Ultimate Skin Brightness Cream works well on a spectrum of different skin types. If you are a woman with sensitive, delicate skin, Select Bright's cream will not irritate your anus or skin. Alternatively, if you are an individual with thicker skin, the bleach will also lighten your anus effectively.

In terms of Secret Bright's bleaching effectiveness, an independent study conducted by a cosmetics blog shows that the bleach had virtually 100% effectiveness within 4 weeks of using the product.


Like Secret Bright, Revitol is a popular cosmetics company that is known in the industry for its creams, emulsifiers, and anti-aging products. The brand's Skin Brightening Cream, which is generally used to lighten age spots and acne scars, also works as an anal lightening cream. For individuals with super sensitive skin, though, Revitol's cream might cause some irritation at your back door, so you might want to opt for the Secret Bright cream instead.


While Dermology's Skin Brightening Cream is also not exclusively intended for anal bleaching, the product works effectively for lightening and brightening a discolored anus. The cream has a number of effective bleaching ingredients, including: shea butter, arbutin, lumiskin, and allantoin. Although not as effective as Secret Bright, Dermology's product is still effective as a bleaching product.

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