The Ballen Family Companies' Database Guru Victoria Forgacs Continues To Exceed Expectations

Victoria Forgacs was hired by Lori and Richard Ballen of The Ballen Group Real Estate Team and The Ballen Method Marketing about six months ago. Since then Victoria has become an invaluable employee through her diligence and her hard work.

Victoria Forgacs is a valued employee of Lori Ballen. For the last six months she has built and maintained Lori's database for Lori's companies. Through Victoria's hard work, determination, and great attitude, she has exceeded Lori's expectations and took the database to the next level.

Lori Ballen, marketing genius and entrepreneur, has compiled a series of steps for anyone ready to take their company to the next level. Through Victoria, Lori has been able to spread the word about her marketing magic and build a new company, the All Star Agent Network. The All Star Agent Network allows real estate agents from around the United States to contact each other and manage agent-to-agent referrals.

Victoria also helps Lori on keeping up various Facebook groups as well as giving support for anyone with technical issues, whether they are about Lori's Facebook groups, The Ballen Method marketing plan, or the All Star Agent Network.

"What I do is follow up with customers and make sure there is always communication." Says Victoria, who is always ready and willing to help others. Victoria enjoys being able to help people everyday whether it be setting their real estate agent profile on All Star Agent Network, or giving them information about Lori Ballen.

Victoria is a huge asset to The Ballen Family Companies, not only to the All Star Agent Network, but also to the real estate team, The Ballen Group. The Ballen Group gets a huge number of referrals through Facebook, and Victoria is very active in helping Lori with all her Facebook activity and messages.

Victoria loves her job and loves working for marketing genius Lori Ballen. Victoria looks forward to a long future with Lori and in Lori's various companies. In her personal life Victoria is looking forward to getting her dream car in the near future and finishing some more schooling.

The Ballen Family Companies is owned by Lori and Richard Ballen. The Ballens live in Las Vegas, Nevada with their family. Lori Ballen is a writer, entrepreneur, and marketing genius who travels the United States teaching others how to grow their businesses.

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