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The Baby Hand Ladder

The Baby Hand Ladder provides ample support for children who are learning to take their first steps and gives the baby a 'hand'.

When babies begin the stages of "pulling up" and toddling, it can be an anxious time for parents. Even though parents want to encourage their child's development, they may fear that the child will fall and be injured. The Baby Hand Ladder is a product that provides a soft barrier to protect a child from injury and may reduce the time it takes for the child to transition from crawling to walking. It is a specially designed assistive device for infants and toddlers in the form of a four-sided ladder. Giving a child stable balance when "pulling up", the Baby Hand Ladder has generously padded, nonslip rungs and padded vertical supports. Not only for home use, the Baby Hand Ladder is well suited for any child care provider or day care center. Also, the Baby Hand Ladder may prove beneficial to children who have varying degrees of limited mobility or other developmental issues. Telvised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Baby Hand Ladder.

The Patent Pending Baby Hand Ladder was invented by Ione Beckford of Bronx, NY, who said, "The generously padded Baby Hand Ladder has a square shaped base platform onto which four, sturdy ladders are mounted. These ladders are directed inwards, forming a triangular configuration and are locked into place. Offered in understated neutral hues or vibrant colors that babies gravitate to, the Baby Hand Ladder is manufactured to meet all guidelines for children's furniture as set by the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA). The Baby Hand Ladder folds flat when not in use for easy transport and compact storage."

The inventor added, "A child can use the Baby Hand Ladder with or without parental assistance. To use the Baby Hand Ladder, the infant child is simply placed on the floor beside the ladder. The child can then use the lower rungs to pull upright. The child uses the rungs of the ladder for balance while walking around the perimeter of the ladder."

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