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The Baby Bear Cuddle Chair

The Baby Bear Cuddle Chair is a lightweight and portable alternative to the traditional child car seats.

Trying to carry a heavy, bulky child's car seats can be a real hassle! Now imagine a car seat so lightweight and portable that it can be easily managed with one hand, leaving the other hand free to carry the baby or diaper bag. The Baby Bear Cuddle Chair, a specially designed child safety seat, has an inflatable seat cushion and back rest, making it more manageable than traditional car seats while still safely restraining a child.

As with other child car seats, the Baby Bear Cuddle Chair is an ergonomic safety seat designed to be used by newborns and infant children. The base unit has an integrated, telescoping carrying handle. The base structure is designed to fold into a compact bag-like unit when not in use, making for easy transport. A cushiony soft, machine washable liner generously covers the interior of the unit and a retractable canopy can also be included. This car seat has a tree point harness, three point harness with shield, or five point harness, to restrain the child. It is secured in place within the back seat of a car with the LATCH installation system or by using the car's safety belt system. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to the Baby Bear Cuddle Chair.

The Patent Pending Baby Bear Cuddle Chair was invented by Sherri Adams of Los Angeles, CA, who said, "What makes the Baby Bear Cuddle Chair unique is that the seat and back rest of the Baby Bear Cuddle Chair can be instantly inflated by a simple pull tab mechanism located at the base of the seat. The chair forms a firm, yet comfortable ergonomic seat that fully supports a child's body. A simple release valve is used to deflate the seat after use."

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