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The Auto Skimmer Vortex Maximizer

The Auto Skimmer Vortex Maximizer allows user to enjoy more time swimming and playing in their pool!

The Auto Skimmer is a specially designed funnel-like mechanism made especially to be used in conjunction with an existing pool skimmer and basket designed to trap and contain large debris and other matter that is skimmed from the surface of the water. It is designed to provide pool owners and pool service technicians with a more convenient means of keeping pools free of debris. It would be manufactured of a lightweight, but heavy duty plastic material, and would be cylindrical in shape, tapering slightly inwards at the center of the unit to create a unique, barbell shape. Designed to increase the turnover of surface water through the actual skimmer,

The Auto Skimmer would be installed in the skimmer basket with the curved channel serving to create a slight vacuum like vortex that pulls debris down through the unit and into the skimmer itself. So, debris would be trapped within the skimmer basket and away from the pool water. This would make the pool clean and clear, and the flow of water would remain constant and uninterrupted, preventing clogs from occurring. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the
Auto Skimmer Vortex Maximizer.

The Patent Pending Auto Skimmer Vortex Maximizer was invented by Brent Chaddock of Baytown, TX, who said, "I have used 50 of the devices in 30 different pools for the past year and noticed a 75% decrease in surface debris and improved water clarity. The device also generates helical flow within the pipes of the system, mimicking the flow of water in nature. The use of the Auto Skimmer drastically reduces the time spent during normal routine cleaning and maintenance of the pool. There could be more time spent enjoying swimming in the pool—without having to spend a lot of time cleaning it first."

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