The ARP Wave System Repairing Muscle Tears in Under 4 Weeks

The ARP Wave System has pioneered a new branch of sports medicine that is dramatically changing the landscape of competitive sports, in that they can now repair muscle tears and broken bones in under 4 weeks.

Over the past several years, the ARP Wave System has slowly but quietly been building a credible track record of allowing paraplegic and wheelchair bound victims to actually ditch their chairs and walk again. At current count they have successfully been able to use the ARP Wave System on more than 100 wheelchair bound patients, and this list continues to grow. However, their biggest breakthrough of the past several years has been their highly enviable track record of healing broken bones and muscle tears (ACL and MCL) in every day individuals to world class athletes in less than 4 to 5 weeks!

The most popular example is NFL All-Pro and Super Bowl Champion Dwight Freeney. After suffering a Grade 3 tear in the AFC Championship Game 2 weeks before Super Bowl 44, he immediately went on the ARP Wave System around the clock for the next couple weeks and was able to play at full speed in the Super Bowl and has been at full speed every since. He was able to do all of this after suffering what most stated was a season ending injury.

Where Did The ARP Wave Originate?

In 1975, Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder introduced The ARP Wave and the concept of neurological rehabilitation treatment for all soft tissue injuries and post-surgery rehab. The ARP system is built on the premise that these injuries all have a neurological origin. While an MRI/CAT SCAN will tell you where the problem ended up, the ARP Wave technology will tell you where the problem came from. The ARP Wave finds the neurological origin of the physiological symptoms and treats the problem at the source, enabling patients to fully recover faster and live their life pain-free.

"The ARP Wave System is an amazing tool for repairing and preventing sports related injuries, but we also like to tell people there is no better tool in increasing your range of motion than the ARP. We can add 30+ yards to a golfers drive in under 10 seconds using the ARP, and this ability lasts the entire day. We have PGA, LPGA and Senior PGA players that swear by it. Need more proof? Look up Helene Neville. She ran 93 marathons in 93 days due to the ARP Wave System and her determination. Name any other training mechanism out there that can do what we can do." Thompson added.

Massive Client Base and Growing

Currently the ARP Wave System treats more than 6,000 patients annually and has more than 1,000 of the world's most elite athletes on its system and protocols. This list includes more than 350 NHL players, 250+ NBA players, 100+ MLB players, 300+ NFL players and the world's #1 tennis player Novak Djokovic. Now, for the first time in the companies storied history they are going to license the system to a select few individuals in each state, allowing them to sell their patented and proprietary system and in the process create what could be a sizeable income stream.

"Think about it. For a twenty session package on the ARP Wave System licensees will be able to charge $2,000 and keep $1,400 from every sale; and clients will line up for the service and refer it like crazy. This is patented and proprietary technology with absolutely no competition, no inventory, no employees needed, can be done from anywhere in the world and best of all we give state of the art training and no medical, federal or state licensing is required. How many people do you with arthritis, back, neck, joint and hip pain, wants to avoid surgery, increase their quality of life, increase their athletic performance. I could go on and on. The supply of potential clients is endless, and nobody can do what we can do. We dramatically and positively change the quality of life for individuals and just as importantly, those around them. There is no greater feeling in the world," Thompson ended.

The ARP Wave License Opportunity Seminars kick off at the Coco Water Resort from 6-8 PM, on May 24th in Danvers MA, and at the Phoenix Place Hotel, in Phoenix AZ from 1-3 PM and 6-8PM also on May 24th. For more information go to


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