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The Architectural Advantage with Shade Sails

How to Give Your House the Architectural Advantage with Shade Sails

Enjoy the full use of your property even in the sizzling Spanish heat with shade sails. Made from Commercial 95 High Density Polyethylene and treated with UV stabilizers, shade sails will withstand high temperatures and UV exposure typical of Spain.

Installing shade sails to your home will introduce a unique architectural perspective to your property, while at the same time providing much needed respite from the sun.

Suitable for use around your swimming pool to provide a cool shade over the sun loungers, or over your outside dining area, a shade sail is not only practical but will add aesthetic and architectural appeal to your house.

Shade sails are a popular feature in Spain both in home and commercial properties. If you own a rental home then installing a shade sail will surely attract a lot more prospective tenants. The shade sale is attractive both in design and functionality and no home should be without one.

Available in 16 different colours you can rest assured there is a colour to complement your outside decor and paint choice.

Below are other uses of shade sails:

• Shade sails in Spain will protect your garden furniture from solar damage and debris
• Shaded barbeque areas and children play areas
• Gardens and carports
• Create new living spaces

The opportunities for using shade sails are unlimited; get in touch today to start off the process of getting a shade sail installed. With Shade Sail Spain, its shade first, and aesthetics a close second.

Visit the website: www.shadesailmarbella.com

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