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The Angle Drain Rack

The Angle Drain Rack is a better drain rack that aids in controlling germs and bacteria in the kitchen.

While bathrooms get a bad rap when it comes to germs, it's the kitchen that actually harbors more bacteria than any other room in the home. The kitchen is a breeding ground for a number of bacteria because it provides the damp environment they need. A new product, the Angle Drain Rack, can aid in controlling germs and bacteria by eliminating the water that accumulates in the drain board. It is a durable plastic kitchen-sink drain rack board with a long, sloping spillway or lip. Anchoring firmly to the countertop, the Angle Drain Rack provides a more efficient gravity driven drainage and less overspill than drain racks alone or flat drain boards.

Able to be used with virtually any sink or countertop, the Angle Drain Rack has a raised lip which borders three sides of the board. The fourth side is the descending, angled sink-edge lip. The front end lies flat, creating a favorable drainage-slope for drip-water. The rack sits atop its base, allowing the drain tray to be at an effective angle for draining. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Angle Drain Rack.

The Patent Pending Angle Drain Rack was invented by Bela Ponyi of Evanston, IL, who said, "Because the Angle Drain Rack has an improved drainage slope and sink-edge spill-lip, there is no "ponding" of drip water, which can cause bacterial hazards and insect infestation. The Angle Drain Rack needs only a routine wash and rinse, and should provide years of dependable service. Not only for household use, it should also be appreciated by owners of smaller restaurants and bars.

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