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The American Fiber Cement Corporation Unveils New State of the Art Computer Controlled Machinery For Fiber Cement Cladding

American Fiber Cement Corporation unveils their new computer controlled Gabbiani saw which is used for precise cutting of fiber cement building panels.

The American Fiber Cement Corporation (AFCC) has unveiled their newest state-of-the-art computer controlled machine for quick and highly efficient cement building jobs. The AFCC is one of the largest distributors of fiber cement cladding in the United States. The company has over 20 years of experience and does not shy away from making capital investment to ensure jobs run on time and on budget.

When doing a job involving fiber cement cladding that requires fabrication (cutting or drilling) it is important that these services are performed locally. This greatly improves delivery times and simplifies the whole logistics chain in supplying panels to the jobsite.

AFCC has invested in state-of-the art fabrication capabilities to insure jobs progress smoothly. AFCC can fabricate material on either the East Coast or the West Coast so the supply is close to the jobsite. This combined with our extensive domestic inventories give the contractor the greatest assurance that materials are readily available. Even in those instances where panels get damaged or broken on the job site, replacement becomes faster and easier so the job can avoid unnecessary and costly delays.

The computer controlled Gabbiani saw pictured is not only fast, but gives precise clean cuts not possible with lesser equipment. Its automated functions deliver the most versatility at the most cost effective price for fabricating special sizes for that unique design look.

AFC Products are backed by comprehensive warranties and domestic technical support for architects and installers.

To learn more about the American Fiber Cement Corporation and their cement cladding products visit the website or call Phone: (303)-978-1199 x102 to reach a representative.

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