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The Amazing Scoop Is A Hassle-Free And More Sanitary Dog Scooper

There is nothing more helpful than this new Amazing Scoop which is truly a hassle-free and more sanitary doggy pooper scooper.

If you are tired of picking up after your beloved canine this new product may well be the solution. The Amazing Scoop is a specially designed animal waste collection device. It provides an easier, more sanitary, and hassle-free way to collect and discard animal waste.
Why you ask?The answer is because the waste is eliminated without having the walker/owner to physically retrieve it. Telelvised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Amazing Soop.

Dog lovers will appreciate this new product and it will benefit every landowner who have land adjacent to where one walks their dog where the area has become potential location for the animal to decide to remove his/her bowels. It is easy to use. The Amazing Scoop consists of a net at the end of an extendable pole, with a plastic bag filling the net. Test marketing took place via television infomercials, all of which indicated strong consumer interest in The Amazing Scoop.

The Patent Pending The Amazing Scoop was invented by a conscientious dog owner, Joe Browning of Bel Air, MD. He said, "Unlike plastic scoops which must be cleaned after use, as well as doggie waste bags which must be carried by hand, The Amazing Scoop net and plastic bag combination lets one dispose of a pet's waste without making direct contact."

Mr. Browing added, "Also, the convenient extendable pole allows users to gather the waste without bending over or stooping on their knees. Affordably priced, The Amazing Scoop eliminates waste before it touches the ground, so any residue that would otherwise remain on the ground, is effectively eliminated."

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