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The Amazing Pet Support

This new specially designed doggy diaper protects the floor and household furnishing in homes where dogs reside.

Most pet owners love their pets and know of the many advantages of owning a pet, but most would agree that there are some disadvantages also. One of these disadvantages is that pets have "accidents" which can ruin floors and furnishings. Another disadvantage is having to deal with a female pet that is in heat. The Pet Support is the solution for these problems. The Pet Support is an animal waste collection in the form of a wearable, diaper-like garment, providing an attractive, sanitary way of caring for a pet's most basic needs. Offered in a wide range of sizes and colors, this device can effectively prevent dogs from copulating in the event a female dog is in heat. Also, the Pet Support can prove invaluable when a female dog is menstruating, protecting furnishings and flooring from stains. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pet Support.

The Patent Pending Pet Support was invented by Carol Millar-Harding of Brooklyn, NY, who said, "The Pet Support covers the animal's lower trunk and wraps about the hind legs and midway up the abdomen and lower back. A series of simple Velcro® fasteners comfortably secure the garment about the animal's body. The Pet Support designed for non-neutered male dogs features an integrated partition designed to collect solid waste residue and prevent it from collecting behind the animal's testicles, while a second, reinforced partition is included to collect liquid waste matter. The Pet Support for female canines is designed without the partition enhancement. Leak-proof and weather resistant, the Pet Support easily withstands the movements of active dogs. In addition, each Pet Support is easily removed and has an odor neutralizer or other fresh scented formula."

The inventor added, "With the Pet Support, when outside, one doesn't have to follow behind the pet, bend over, and scoop up the waste. Senior citizens and those with limited mobility should appreciate this advantage. Also, using the Pet Support helps keep sidewalks, parks, and landscapes clean and free of pet waste which can spread disease."

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