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The Amazing Marker Saver

The Amazing Marker Saver saves one time and helps to extend the life of the markers.

Markers are used by a variety of different people and in a variety of settings and occupations, from artistic children to teachers to business professionals. Even though a very handy tool, markers can have disadvantages and cause problems. If the caps are lost or aren't securely replaced, the markers will dry out. If one is trying to manipulate several markers at once, such as when teaching a lesson or during a business presentation, the markers can be dropped on the floor or may accidentally mark clothes or furnishings with ink. The Marker Saver is a multi-compartmented receptacle specially designed for holding several markers at once, providing a simple, effective way to manage and use multiple markers. For home, office, or classroom, the affordable priced Marker Saver not only alleviates the risk of dropping markers or marring clothes and surfaces, but also prevents tips from drying out and caps from being lost. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Marker Saver.

The Patent Pending Marker Saver was invented by Randy White of Anaheim, CA, who said, "Compact in size and fabricated of a durable combination of plastic and wood materials, the Marker Saver has a weighted base to deep the unit securely in place. The top portion has a series of at least eight circular holes that are sized to fit markers at their cap ends. These holes lock onto the cap. Positioned directly in front of each receptacle is a push button that snaps onto the cap to release the caps when needed. Available in a variety of eye-catching colors, Marker Saver should appeal to every user."

The inventor added, "One should appreciate that with one hand a marker can be selected and then put right back into its cap when finished. There is no need to manually remove and replace the cap each time. Also, Marker Saver helps to prevent lost caps, reminding young children to always put everything in its place and keep the markers fresh, new, and organized."

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