The Amazing Lighted Razor

The Amazing Lighted Razor reduces cuts and grooming mistakes when shaving in dimly lit areas.

Shaving in areas without much light can be a real hassle and also hazardous. A person needs to be able to clearly see when shaving or nicks and cuts occur. Ouch! The Lighted Razor gives this light and prevents those nasty cuts. The Lighted Razor, a line of specially designed grooming tools, has disposable or non-disposable razors with a light source. It is a personal razor that allows shaving in dimly lit areas, reducing the risks of cuts and grooming mistakes. With the Lighted Razor, one can maintain certain facial hair styles and a clean, close, attractive appearance in other areas in a hassle-free manner. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Lighted Razor.

The Patent Pending Lighted Razor was invented by Karen Broeske of Wonder Lake, IL, who said, "The Lighted Razor resembles a common safety razor, but what sets it apart is the light source. A light emitting diode (LED) is positioned at the distal end of the handle, projected through a dual lens system above and below this area. To facilitate an increased area of light, an angled, clear plastic additional shaft is located in the area between the handle and cartridge. The LED is connected to a light gauge wire or metal ribbon located inside the handle, which extends to the proximal end of the handle to join with a handy push-button mechanism that triggers the light source. A compact silver oxide cell battery provides the power to the Lighted Razor."

The inventor added, "With the Lighted Razor, one can groom themselves just about anywhere. One can do themselves a favor gettting one for personal grooming or for giving one as a gift to a favored friend."

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