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The Amazing Go Away

The Amazing Go Away can efficiently, quickly, and quietly remove disagreeable odors from the bathroom.

Wouldn't it be nice to quickly and quietly get rid of those foul bathroom odors? Go Away is a quiet, powerful bathroom exhaust system designed to quickly, efficiently, and quietly remove disagreeable, bacteria-laden odors and gases from a bathroom. It draws these drawing gases upward through concealed, in-wall ductwork and expels them through a roof-vent to the exterior. It can be equipped in any bathroom and works at the flip of a switch. The Go Away also draws airborne moisture away and out of the bathroom and the house, which dramatically reducing the likelihood of rot, mold, and fungus. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Go Away.

The Patent Pending Go Away was invented by a self-employed remodeling contractor, Rafael Gracias of Houston, TX. He said, "The Go Away is a concealed-duct, forced-air system. A powerful, 300 CFM (cubic feet per minute) electric exhaust fan is mounted in the attic above the bathroom ceiling. The fan draws exhaust air upward from the the bathroom through an in-wall, concealed pipe, hose, or duct system which is equipped with a flat-mounted, louvered grill intake in the wall adjacent to the toilet. The Go Away system discharges this exhaust air out through a vent in the roof of the structure."

The inventor added, "A standard wall switch activates the system, similar to a conventional bathroom exhaust fan. The wiring harness for the attic exhaust fan has a connector which extends from the top of the bathroom frame's top-cap into the attic, permitting easy installation, removal, servicing and replacement of the fan unit."

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