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The Alaskan Sun, Book #5 Of The Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mystery Series Now Available

14-year-old Irish Dancer Liffey Rivers' itinerary on an Alaskan cruise includes shore excursions, panning for gold, her first boyfriend, polar bear sightings, an Irish dance competition in Anchorage and her worst nightmare.

The Alaskan Sun, Book No. 5 of the Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer mystery series by Brenna Briggs is now available through U. S. bookstores and on Amazon and other online bookstores worldwide. Paperback: 224 pages, Publisher: Brockagh Books (July 12, 2012), ISBN-10: 1477510575 ISBN-13: 978-1477510575.

According to BellaOnline's Irish culture editor:"Brenna Briggs writes with flair and passion, and her novels fill a yawning, gaping hole in literature for Irish-American girls."

Briggs readily admits that she is always looking for a "twist" to things in everyday life and that her heroine, Liffey Rivers, has a knack for scrutinizing the little things that most people hardly notice and walk right by.

"Liffey is always poking her nose into things and not unpredictably, she usually ends up in dangerous situations which ultimately result in her solving mysteries within a backdrop of Irish dancing competitions called feiseanna."

"This formula works well because Irish dancing competitions are held all over the globe, including unlikely places such as Moscow, Norway, Germany and Mexico City, allowing Liffey to logically travel to interesting places as she participates in the exciting world of Irish dance."

Book No.5, The Alaskan Sun, features Liffey Rivers on a cruise ship traveling through Alaska's Inner Passage with her family and best friend, Sinead McGowan. Stunning scenery, exciting ship to shore excursions, a first boyfriend, an Irish dance competition (feis) in Anchorage and an epic grand finale with a polar bear on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, ensure Liffey Rivers' readers from ages 8-13 and up, a fast-paced reading experience.

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