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The Airbud Cocoon Stores Earbud Cords

The Airbud Cocoon stores earbud cords and is easy to access, never becoming tangled.

Do you get tangled up in the earbud cords when listening to music? If you use this new device that will never happen. The Airbud Cocoon is a portable storage device with which earbud cords can be neatly stored and easily accessed. It provides a more user friendly way of listening to music while working out or engaging in normal daily activities, without becoming tangled in cords or risking damage to these units.

Lightweight and compact, The Airbud Cocoon can be offered in a variety of vibrant colors, as well as understated neutral hues. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating a strong consumer interest in The Airbud Cocoon.

The Patent Pending The Airbud Cocoon was invented by Ena Forbes of Watchung, NJ, who said, "Manufactured of lightweight, yet shatterproof plastic and lined with soft rubber material, The Airbud Cocoon is comprised of two pieces that are closed or snap fitted over existing headphone cords. Housed within the center interior of the lower section of the unit is a retractable reel, around which the elongated cording is wound. Self-winding, this spring-loaded reel features a simple push button activation switch that winds the cord loaded within around the reel. A simple release button lets the user pull the desired length of cord free from the device during use."

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