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The 24/7 Water Fountain

provides a way to never have to manually refill your pet's water bowl again!

The 24/7 Water Fountain is an automated pet watering system. It is designed to provide pet owners with a dependable and convenient means of taking care of their animal's hydration needs at all times, especially while away from home. The unit can be used either indoors or outdoors.

The 24/7 Water Fountain is comprised of a specialized water hose distribution unit and a handy water container. The rubber hose would be attached directly to a water source such as a faucet, and would have a centrally positioned valve that would allow the flow of water to be automatically turned on or shut off depending on the level of the water within the container as indicated by a floater.

Once the water level has risen high enough, the floater will rise, automatically stopping the flow of water from the source. As a pet consumes the water, and the level lowers, the floater will lower also, and restart the water flow until the container is refilled again. As a result, the container is able to remain filled at all times with fresh water. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the 24/7 Water Fountain.

The Patent Pending 24/7 Water Fountain was invented by Ramon Gregorio of Fontana, CA who said, "As the name implies, the 24/7 Water Fountain is always operational, even when the owners are home. They never need to manually fill their pet water bowl again. It works perfectly and your pets will benefit."

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