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The #1 NFL Guide For Australia

It is peculiar that as all-encompassing American Footy is in The United States, no yank ever takes the time to put in plain words what is actually transpiring on the bloody field!

Presenting, "Yank's Guide - The #1 Guide to American Football". Yank's Guide is written mainly for Londoners, Aussies and people worldwide who want to learn about American Football for whatever reason. Yank's Guide is a simple football handbook that will not hide what you'll need to know in a ton of discourse or jargon-heavy talk. The rules and fundamentals of the game are easily defined in a approach that will help both the newbie fan or seasoned fanatic.

This is just not a monotonous football book or very long playbook. Everything that you want to learn to talk intelligently in relation to football - whether high school, college or pro - virtually stays the same each year, so once you learn football essentials the first time it will continue with you for life - which clearly is a shrewd commitment. While other guides may leave you confounded and befuddled, the writing style of the author makes this book a rare gem. You will definitely no longer regard the nitty-gritty of football complicated to handle, so to speak.

In part one, the pastime of football is explained in 10 short, easy to study pages. Refer to the football glossary as will be necessary when you hear a football term you want to explore more about. Every football phrase you would definitely ever need to be acquainted with is handled here; all the football language and frequent infractions are pointed out in clear language, along with illustrations.

A number of the things covered are fairly basic, but it will help give you a greater knowledge of the game of football and thus you will enjoy watching the American football more. This is due to the fact that you will know more about what is happening on the field instantly...

Yank's Guide is for all intents and purposes an simple to comprehend guide on the essentials of football...a reference guide to turn to whenever you might want it. You will always have at your disposal a fast and uncomplicated reference guide that notifies you straightaway about ordinary American football verbiage and rapid points on all the NFL teams. An additional thing you will be fully clear on are the differing defensive and offensive formations. With it's loads of pictures and illustrations, you will enlarge your comprehension of the game {quickly

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