Texila American University Launching the Next Issues of Academic Journals

TAU has decided to publish the next set of journals in the coming months. Starting from Journal of Public Health, TAU plans to launch the Medical and Academic journals within the next quarter.

Texila American University (TAU) always strives in making a brand name in the educational and academic field. Right from the variety of durable and career related courses to the wide range of informative contents present in their digital library and as well as the launch of educational and academic journals, TAU stands apart from other educational institutions.

Not stopping at launching six journals in the nine months, TAU has decided to publish the next set of informative journals. It has decided to launch the second issue of the South American Journal of Public Health - Vol -2. The e-journal team feels students all over the world need to be aware of the various public health related issues and diseases, so it has decided to take this decisive step.

They plan to launch about four issues with regard to the South American Journal of Public Health and even there are plans to launch the second edition of South American Journal of Medicine. TAU has stated that the journal of public health will be launched by the end of May and the medical journal will be launched sometime in the month of July.

The lack of quality research materials has instigated the ejournal committee of EIJASR to start working on the next issue of their journals. Students and researchers feel that there is lack of medium where individuals can access scientific and medical finding and even publish them. Of course, there are a variety of electronic publishing agencies and institutions, but they only cater to requirements of students or monetary benefits.

Most of the ejournal websites insist that users have to pay membership fees or publication charges. Even certain educational institutions publish the research and finding of their students which is only beneficial for the students not other researchers and scientist.

In order to ensure that people get a valuable medium to access quality academic and research contents, TAU has plans to launch about ten journals in this year.

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