Texas Family Launches Children's Self-Confidence Book Effort

A father and his two children are striving to bring the gift of self-confidence to children around the world through their new book titled Sally the Fly: A story of self-confidence.

In a world of many struggles, self-confidence is one area that affects individuals of all ages. A Texas father and his two young children have decided to make a difference in this area. Today, they launched a 10-day Kickstarter.com campaign to bring to life, the story of Sally the Fly.

Sally the Fly is a children's story about a little fly that doubts her ability to fly high. As the story develops, she finds a mirror on top of a very tall shelf in the local library. While gazing into the mirror she realizes that she is the answer to her self-doubt and recognizes that she has already accomplished more than she ever dreamed possible. With this new realization, she gains the gift of self-confidence and forever changes the course of her life.

When fully funded, this project will be completed and published as a mobile app as well as a physical book. Supporters of the campaign also receive rewards such as posters, mugs, t-shirts, and other goodies.

To find out more about Sally the Fly and how you can get involved, please visit the Sally the Fly Kickstarter page. Simply visit www.kickstarter.com and search for "Sally the Fly" to view the campaign page or access http://kck.st/SsfvME to visit the page directly.

Sally the Fly is a children's story of self-confidence written by a Texas father and his two young children. Recognizing that self-confidence is a key factor in accomplishing life goals, this family has decided to help make a difference for others. You can learn more by visiting their kickstarter page or by visiting the SallytheFly.com website.