Testing a Strategy with Portfoliorunner

PortfolioRunner is excited to unveil the ability for anyone to test their own strategy.

Do you or someone you know trade consistently and have certain parameters and ideas as to what to buy and sell? Now it is time to also place an algorithm to the ideas to manage the risk appropriately. PortfolioRunner will allow you to test the stocks that you have bought. It will also allow you to test whether or not to buy it. Your current portfolio can also be set up to see if the stocks that you now hold are viable.

There are three different types of strategies that are available through PortfolioRunner, it is either technical, fundamental, or community strategies. You are able to select one or multiple strategies to test the stocks that you have chosen or are currently in your portfolio. Why should I use PortfolioRunner to do this? The simple answer to the question is consistency. In order to have a portfolio that has good returns and low risk, the selection process of stocks to buy and sell and the quantity need to be consistent. The sophisticated algorithms will give you confidence in what you are buying and selling, and give peace of mind, that the stocks you have chosen have been tested. Start trading today with PortfolioRunner and never look back.


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