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Tenant Not Paying The Rent What A Landlord Can Do

Tenants not making payment on rent has you the owner anxious and how your in order to meet your monetary requirements. We will help.

The Tenant is not paying the rent, help! Tenant that are late on making rent payments or have not made paid the rent for months have the landlord scared. I get property owners contacting me, very worried, about how their tenant has not paid the rent in months and how they are getting in financial distress. They want me to do everything I can to speed up the eviction process and get the dead beat tenant out.

Wait! You will make the problem worse by not dealing with it soon. Now you want everyone else to just run and jump to get it done quickly. It does not work that way. The law has a process and set of steps and procedures that they do, we can not speed that up. It takes about 3 weeks minimum.

The issue here is not the courts, but you, the Landlord, are the problem. Why the did you wait so long? Owners that I speak with that do this right, by giving notice right away, are not all stressed out. The landlords that when the rent is late on the 3rd day they give a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate. I tell my tenants, look nothing personal, this is strictly business, but if your late on rent a few days expect to get a 3 Day Notice.

As a matter of fact if they give the rent early you can give a $25 to $50 discount. Now you have the rent checks on the 30th of the month before not the 5th of the month late.Sooner or later they will keep testing your patience being later and later and later. My dog died ya know, checks in the mail. Landlords WAKE UP! Smell the coffee! We are here to help you but you can not force the system go faster. Only you can do that to yourself. So stop blaming the system for being slow and look at your own procedures and business strategies. You speed up.

What I see is there is too much emotion when it comes to many landlord rentals. They listen to all the sob stories. Hey guess what you will not fix the world and you can not fix their problems. But you can let their problems become yours if you don't deal with this accordingly. Now I do have rich clients that are gracious and when it's time to evict they evict but they are also not flipping out about it either.Some of you do not like being hard landlords but look I have seen enough of the game playing, there are a few real sad stories out there, but if you do not try to collect early, you'll never know who is playing you or just can not give you the rent. Let us take over and get your rent or get your house. Get started with us today.For additional information have a look at our internet site by clicking here - Landlords Eviction Houston, Eviction, Tenant. You could even take a look at Population Growth Good for Landlords for a few associated information.

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