Temple of the Goddess Propagates New Concept of Tantra

The Option to Learn about Sexual Healing in a New Way

Tantra or tantric sex has acquired a new meaning in the modern world. Many organizations have come up to explain the concept of Tantra and tantra healing. The Temple of the Goddess is one such renowned organization that provides training on Tantra sex and help people understand the new meaning of Tantra.

A Brief Overview of the Temple of the Goddess

It is the organization of the healers, counselors, sex educators, Certified Tantric Therapists, intuitive healers, sex surrogates, touch therapists, sexuality and relationship counselors, body workers and Tantra facilitators. All of them practice yoga and similar other systems of empowerment and healing. Coming to this organization and talking to these extraordinary personnel, one will acquire valuable information on spiritual awakening, pleasure and conscious loving.

The trainers of the organization employ various western and eastern techniques for healing abuse - emotional, sexual and physical - and improving personal relation. By employing the modern techniques,the organization enables people to understand sexual energy in a better way. One will clearly understand how sexual energy is used for improving life at each stage. Thus, the tantra techniques can refresh the thought of the human being in a completely new way.

Teachings of the Temple of the Goddess

Goddess Temple promises to present human beings with a world nurtured by a truth that till date unknown to many. The truth holds as 'sexuality is sacred' and the survival of human beings depends on education and the real essence of the being. The experts say that the true self of every individual is his loving spiritual being. Learning and practicing tantra in this organization, one will realize that life force is creative, healing and beneficial for happiness and health.

The instructors and counselors of Goddess Temple educate people that sex is sacred, divine and holy. It is the healing force present at the core of every being. Once one is able to embrace it instead of denying, he will become happy, powerful and successful manifestor. It is not easy to understand the new meaning of sex and sexual life. However, the experts of this organization can make things easier and simpler for the common man.

Ceremonies of Goddess Temple

The needs of every individual are different and every healer has his own unique approach. Therefore, the content of each session will definitely vary from one healer to another. So, there are a number of ceremonies in this organization. They are -

• Tantra Couple Healing

• Tantric Temple Dance

• Bodywork & Bath Ceremony

• Double Goddess Sessions

• Goddess Worships

• The Art of Divine Touch

• Just for Women

These are only a few ceremonial sessions one can avail in Goddess
Temple. Visit their website and learn more about their training, preaching and different ceremonies.

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